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The IBI International Beauty Institute is a world-class beauty institute dedicated in delivering a variety of courses concerned with beauty makeup and fashion. In fact, the classes are conducted by experts in the industry, and the courses offered by this institute are recognized at international level.

The institute collaborates with many well-known fashion and makeup brands, which enable the students to work with industry standard tools and products of high quality. In fact, this helps them to get an additional advantage when they are about to pursue a career in this field.


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If you are keen on joining a makeup school but still worried about its scope in the market, you can keep all your worries aside and join a renowned institute without any further thought. In fact, there are several advantages of enrolling in a makeup institute like the IBI International Beauty Institute. Here, you get many opportunities to hone your creative abilities, as you get exposure to many new skills and techniques taught by well-qualified and experienced teachers from different genres of the fashion industry. Further, here you get hands-on experience in beauty makeup by trying out the same on actual clients.

This institute also gives importance to personal development as well by enabling interactions between the students coming from different walks of life.

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Our Core Beliefs

We always stick onto our sole aim of giving our best in the beauty training we impart at IBI International Beauty Institute, which gives the students the confidence they require to choose beauty makeup as a profession. Further, we are also planning to provide the entire courses pertaining to skincare, beauty, haircare, etc. online, which enables the students to learn these from the comfort of their homes.

  • Value :

    We aim to offer quality services in the beauty segment for a reasonable pricing structure. Our students are given opportunities to take part in various prestigious beauty contests and fashion weeks, which empower them to get an idea of the happenings which take place in real world.

  • Advancements :

    As part of trying to be aware of the latest happenings in the beauty and fashion industry, we constantly update our information and knowledge regarding the current trends in this industry. Our labs have the latest equipment which helps the students to have the knowhow about the advancements in technology in this segment.

  • Outstanding Service :

    Our objective is to offer outstanding service for our customers, which is the reason why we are getting several instances of repeated customers. We put in our best efforts by imbibing the knowledge and experience we gained through the years we have been serving in the beauty industry, for the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Support :

    We offer a strong support system and guidance for our students. Here, the students are able to get a wide exposure to the global trends owing to the international curriculum we provide. Further, the courses are custom designed here to suit the requirements of the students.

  • Student Relationships :

    We are always keen on fostering healthy relationships with the students. Owing to this reason, we support the students in every possible manner throughout the course, and encourage them to maintain contact even after the completion of the same. Further, we also offer career guidance to these students as well.